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Discussion of the works of historical novelist Rosemary Sutcliff, author of "Eagle of the Ninth"
This is a venue for discussing works by and about historical writer Rosemary Sutcliff, and related subjects. Bring us your recs, reviews, and fannish squee; your research and interesting links; ask questions; sell and trade your books.

Your mods are hedgebird, carmarthen, smillaraaq and chomiji; contact us through PM.

While we are running this community on LiveJournal, you don't need to have a LiveJournal account to join in the discussion! You are welcome to join the comm, post or comment here using your preferred identity account -- Dreamwidth, Blogger, Yahoo, Wordpress and more all work with OpenID, and Google, Twitter and Facebook can work directly with Livejournal as well. You can even comment anonymously if you wish; there'll just be a slight screening delay to allow for moderator review as an anti-spam precaution.

The Rules

1. Links to book-based creative fanwork are welcome, but please host the actual content on your journal, sutcliff_fics, or other relevant outside sites.

2. Discussion of adaptations of Sutcliff works such as movies, miniseries, radioplays, musicals, etc. are welcome here, but posts solely concerning the 2011 movie The Eagle might find a wider audience at ninth_eagle.

3. Things that belong under an LJ cut include: lengthy posts; images, videos, and embeds; potentially disturbing material (see warnings policy); spoilers (see spoiler policy).

4. There's a tag for that: consult the list.

5. Content warnings policy: Rosemary Sutcliff's fiction frequently deals with potentially disturbing subjects in a historical context, such as: warfare and violence; major character death, including suicide; disabling injury and serious illness; rape and arranged marriage; child and animal abuse; and archaic attitudes towards class, ethnicity, gender, and disability. Caveat lector.

Posters: Place discussion of potentially disturbing subjects under an LJ cut. Specific content warning headers are at the discretion of the poster, except for the following subjects, for which explicit warnings are required:

* suicide and self-harm
* rape and sexual assault
* child abuse, physical or psychological

Readers: Assume that any or all of these subjects will be discussed for any given book.

6. Spoiler policy: Early and often.

Posters: Put it under an LJ cut.

Readers: Assume that spoilers are present in posts and comments.

7. Observe the civilities.
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